What does it cost?

Your HeliPark access pass is $325 and includes your first run. Each run after that is just $75.

Access Pass $325 – includes 1 run, transceiver, lunch and apres snacks and schnapps

Access Pass + 3 runs $550 (4 runs total)

Access Pass + 4 runs $625 (5 runs total)

Access Pass + 5 runs $700 (6 runs total)

Each time you get into the chopper for another run the HeliPark guide clip your pass. You pay the total along with your bar tab and any lodge accommodation when you check out.

What’s the terrain like?

HeliPark consists of 660Ha of incredible backcountry terrain. There are steep faces, chutes, rocks to drop off, cornices, wide open powder bowls and gullies. There’ssomething for everyone, if there are differing abilities within your group it’s not a problem, there is always easier or more challenging route down from each drop off.

What about safety?

HeliPark is as safe as we can make the backcountry. The area is controlled for avalanche hazard. All skiers and riders wear avalanche transceivers and are trained in their use before getting into the helicopter. The HeliPark safety team is on the mountain all day to make sure everything is sweet. We’ve got your back, we’re just not on it.

Is it crowded?

Never. We take a maximum of 5 chopper loads of skiers and rider up each day (only 22 guests!) so that there are fresh lines for everyone and a happy sharing vibe.

Do I need to be a really good skier/boarder?

No. You need to be getting comfortable in powder on skis, and confidently linking turns on your board. Not all drop-off points are suitable for lower intermediate riders and skiers but our guides will let you know what will work best for you. HeliPark is a great place to get into skiing off-piste without the chop and crowds of other resorts. It’s a good idea to use fatter skis than normal, makes life far easier.

Do you rent out fat skis?

You can rent the fantastic NZ made Kingswood skis by the day. Just indicate your preference on your booking form. If you love them you can even buy a set to take home.

What happens if the mountain is closed?

If the weather is bad and we can’t fly on your booked day we’ll work out another date that suits you. If that’s not possible your access pass is refunded. We recommend that you give yourself a few days window to allow for weather. If you want to visit HeliPark during a week long holiday don’t leave it until the last day. We’ll get in touch around the time of your booking to confirm weather and reschedule your trip if necessary.

How long does the Access Pass last?

You need a new Access Pass each day, it covers your return flight from the lodge to the mountain and back again as well as your first run.

Do I have to stay at the lodge?

No, you can drive in on the day of your trip if you want, we are only one hour from Methven. It’s great to stay over but we understand that you may have already booked accommodation elsewhere.

Can I take more than one pair of skis/board up?

No, sorry. There’s limited room in the helicopter’s ski basket so you have to make your choice at the lodge. That said if you’re keen to try some Kingswood skis for a run we do have some on the mountain which you can demo. If you really don’t want to give then back (which is likely) you can hire them by the day.

I feel guilty about the environment!

So do we. While we realize the concept of environmentally friendly heliskiing may sounds like an oxymoron we’re trying our best here. HeliPark New Zealand is a participant in the Carbon Zero program, which means we measure and offset our carbon emissions. And of course, Mt.Potts lodge is run entirely on environment friendly hydro power. So don’t feel too guilty. We are still allowed to have fun. And we’ve got a really quiet helicopter.

I want to ski/ride HeliPark, now what?

Decide when you want to visit.
Email info@helipark.co.nz to check availabilty and book.
Ring 0800 HELIPARK to check the weather on the day.
Rock up to Mt.Potts Lodge, HeliPark’s base camp by 9am. Or to make life even easier you can spend the night at the lodge before or after your mountain day(s). It’s great and only ten meters from the helipad.
You fly up to the mountain at 9.30 am. You can do as many or as few runs as you like. We have lunch around 12.30 pm, then ski/ride until 3.30 pm when we fly back to the lodge for après-hour snacks and schnapps.

You can stay over or settle up and head off.